STEAM Technology and Communications Hub


STEAM Education provides a framework for connecting educational disciplines, businesses and communities. CGFO STEAM incorporates Science and Technology interpreted through Engineering, inspired by the Arts & culture, and grounded in Mathematics. 


Our collaborative multidisciplinary curriculum prioritizes community engagement and team based experiential learning, critical thinking and problem solving.  Curriculum development is led by in country educators, in consultation with US based faculty and student educators, engineers, health professionals and scientists. 


CGFO’s long term goal is to promote school-to-work private/public partnerships to develop and sustain the economies of rural communities of sub Saharan Africa, through internships and job placement workshops. The following target industries were prioritized in consultation with the community: environmental health, healthcare, computing/information technology, agriculture/farming technology. 


CGFO Solar Powered Technology Hub will  support the following activities: 

  • CGFO in country Administrative Home 
  • Bi-directional distance learning platform for STEAM curriculum development and testing 
  • STEAM curriculum in country teacher training and support 
  • Digital technology and communications hub 
  • Demonstration site for science projects with linkage to science laboratories of participating middle schools 
  • Consultation and technology support for proposal development and project evaluation


Our first major project in rural sub Saharan Africa will demonstrate the power of CGFO collaborative STEAM curriculum and citizen science projects to engage the community in rural Ebu, Delta State of Nigeria by addressing everyday problems of poverty, climate change and environmental health. 


At CGFO we are testing innovations in STEAM education for girls, through community engagement and experiential learning, for life long science literacy and a sustained economic development.

CGFO Girls Scholarship Program

CGFO offers 3 scholarships each year to highly motivated and economically disadvantaged female students, for six years of middle and high school education as well as payment for the certification examination that qualifies for entry to a Nigerian University or Technical College. 


We will begin by partnering with Ebu Grammar School and build capacity for additional partnering  middle schools in other communities across rural Nigeria.

CGFO Grant-Making Capacity

Long term and based on our experiences with CGFO Girls Go STEAM, CGFO will develop capacity for grant making and  community focused economic development including microfinance initiatives across rural Nigeria with potential for growth across sub Saharan Africa.  


Will support information sharing on best practices for sustainable microfinancing, agriculture, and environmental health projects.